Trace ideas and thoughts are always following us into the present and affecting our current ideas and perceptions. If we develop a certain judgement about a situation or about ourselves, we will carry that judgement with us even when it is not relevant to our current situations. For example, in high school, I developed the belief that I am a visual learner, and that actually seeing concepts helps me understand them. Now, in college, this belief stays with me, even though I have not been in any situation to prove or disprove it. 

The collection I just created showcased different ways to read, including a book, a Kindle, and an iPad. Relating this to Freud’s idea, trace affects the chosen technique of the observer. For example, if one has used an e-reader before and disliked, it their trace thoughts from that experience may urge them not to try another one, even if this decision is not entirely logical(for example, if the dislike of one e-reader prevents one from buying another e-reader that is not similar at all). This exact sentiment is actually what often keeps people from using methods other than books to read; they have trace preconceptions that affect their current decisions. Trace memories influence us in every aspect of our lives, including schooling and media. 

Two possible objects that demonstrate the idea of trace in schooling is a Macbook and a Microsoft Surface. In college, most students have some sort of laptop, and these are two of the most popular options. I have used both, and have watched many peers choose between them, so I know the differences and the possible motives for choosing one over the other. In my experience, most users will choose a Macbook over a Surface, but usually this is not due to real facts or logic, but rather because they have the trace idea that Apple is a superior brand, thus making Macbooks superior as well. This trace preconceptions are usually reminiscent of the ideas of peers, or of a certain user experience. Since our choices are so influenced by our memories, prejudices, and trace ideas, how much of our decisions are made purely from logic and thought?