One of the artifacts I chose was the set up of the Buchanan lecture hall that my Antarctica class is in. It’s a very large hall, and contains lots of students during these lectures. Its set up tends to divert my attention to things other than the professor, as the number of people around me can be distracting. I often will start to attend to the people by listening and watching, even though I was originally attempting to attend to the professor, which I consider a negative thing. However, I think it could be argued that the set up of the lecture hall could invent attention in a positive way. For example, all of the chairs are facing forward and turned towards the professor to make it more difficult to pay attention to one’s surroundings instead of the professor. As for the effect that the set up has on me – since the entire point of the lecture is to learn from what the professor is saying, and the set up tends to distract me, this is definitely a negative thing. I think this connects to what Rose believes schooling should attend to. He stresses the importance of the experience of school in the “Finding our Way: The Experience of Education” chapter. In the fifth paragraph of that chapter especially, he goes over how it is the experience of school that determines what effect school has on us, and what we end up doing with our education. Connecting back to my Antarctica lecture hall, I think Rose would think that the set up and style of the lecture doesn’t lend itself to the experience of schooling, as it is just hundreds of kids sitting and watching, without really doing anything other than listening and perhaps taking notes; he used the phrase “flat disconnection” in his work, and I feel he might have used the same words to describe my lecture experience. In my opinion, I don’t think this style of lecture is necessarily a bad thing though. I agree with Rose that the aftermath of schooling is deeply affected by experience, making the experience very important, but I don’t think that students must be actively doing something, or being inspired by something, all the time in order to have an overall experience of growth.