Arushi Lakhan-Pal

I’m don’t currently have a specific career or major related interest, but in general I’m interested in the impact that people have on each other, and how our interactions and experiences shape our personalities. I’m also interested in the issues that are present in today’s world, such as effects of technology, climate change, and social justice. 

One of my main strengths is my ability to create balance in my life so that I can be academically successful while still maintaining my social life and mental health. 

In this class I hope to learn how the choice we make of what to attend to is affected by our experiences, technology, and subconscious biases.  

During my first year at UCSB, I hope to gain some clarity on what I want from college and from life, and to solidify my interests and my priorities. Beyond the first year, I want to be able to use that clarity to create some kind of vague plan for my life, and develop more self sufficiency.