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Weekly Response 5

In Musser’s “Toward a History of Screen Practice,” he suggests that there was not necessarily a “start” to cinema, and that it can instead be part of screen practice. To Musser, screen practice entails most things involving a screen: the magic lantern, cinema, and everything in between. The start of screen practice, as implied by […]

Weekly Response 3

In Jonathan Crary’s “Techniques of the Observer,” he discusses “retinal afterimages,” and how they were no longer seen as optical deception, but rather as truth. In other words, what was seen was to be believed. He illustrates various different optical devices, including the stereoscope and the kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope uses mirrors to create a symmetric, […]

Lecture Hall Distractions

Arushi Lakhan-Pal On the first day of classes of my first fall quarter of college, I traipsed nervously into my first college lecture of over 100 students for my class on Antarctica. Buchanan lecture hall was easy to find, which I appreciated, but as soon as I entered, I felt a panicked, overwhelmed feeling creeping […]

Weekly Response 2

One of the artifacts I chose was the set up of the Buchanan lecture hall that my Antarctica class is in. It’s a very large hall, and contains lots of students during these lectures. Its set up tends to divert my attention to things other than the professor, as the number of people around me […]